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Plus Minus Menjadi Network Administrator, External Auditor, Internal Auditor, dan Usaha Sendiri

Ya, kata orang, profesi bukan sekedar pekerjaan, namun harus dijalankan dari hati dengan kesungguhan dan totalitas. Saya ingin share pengalaman menjalankan berbagai profesi mulai dari network administrator, external auditor, internal auditor, dan usaha sendiri. Advertisements

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After a long hibernation, start to write again soon.

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When will the right time come to resign from the current occupation?

Making a decision to resign from the current occupation is one of the most difficult choice an employee ever takes. In this post, I state about resigning in the positive term. So, it is not when we got fired or … Continue reading

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Never hates obstacles because you can’t get ahead without it

I presume this is one of the best quote I’ve ever heard. Though the quote itself is uncomplicated, it’s very thorny to do so. I got this quote from the internet about a month ago. This is just my own … Continue reading

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