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Freebsd new kernel without make install

Steps to use new kernel in freebsd without “make install” : Edit some configuration in NEWKERNEL Add this config to /boot/loader.conf Advertisements

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When will the right time come to resign from the current occupation?

Making a decision to resign from the current occupation is one of the most difficult choice an employee ever takes. In this post, I state about resigning in the positive term. So, it is not when we got fired or … Continue reading

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Never hates obstacles because you can’t get ahead without it

I presume this is one of the best quote I’ve ever heard. Though the quote itself is uncomplicated, it’s very thorny to do so. I got this quote from the internet about a month ago. This is just my own … Continue reading

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The immortal mortal kombat

It’s been a very long time since I played the mortal kombat game when I was in junior high school. It indeed was a vastly well-known game at that time. I was truly fond of this game. I used to … Continue reading

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